Iman school has 4 classes they are combined levels too each level between 5 to 10 students

Classes’ capacity   between 10 students (minimum) and 25 students’ (maximum).these numbers changes every year according to the student’s levels

Each class taught by one teacher and assistant if it is more than one level or more than 15 students



Level 1(ages 3 to 5 years old)

Students taught the Arabic alphabets, Arabic letters sounds, Arabic children songs and stories

+(basic of Islamic  studies such as the 5 pliers of islam,making woudou ,basic information’s about the prophet Mohamed peace be upon him.



Level 2/A (ages 5,5 to7)

Students at this level reviewed the alpha bets through words, so they can recognize the letters through

The words .the position of the letter in the beginning, middle and the ending of the word

How to read the letters with different hark at(fataha-kasra and dama),Which preparing the students to read simple words and sentences by the end of this level



Level 2 /b (ages 7 to 9)

Students at this level are learning how to make simple conversations, How to ask simple questions

Then by the end of this level students should be able to read small paragraphs and write simple stories too



Level 3 to 6(ages 9 to 15)

 In each level from these levels students are studying different types of conversations ,writing and grammar

Also reading Quran for all levels

All iman school students are studying basic of Islamic studies (pliers of Islam, how to making woudou and pray, Islamic stories, Islamic history, occasions and celebrations, simple ahadeth (words from prophet Mohamed peace be upon him while the meaning from Allah)




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